All courses will be facilitated in English; therefore, FMR does not accept responsibility if the course participants do not read, write or understand English & consequently do not reach the course outcomes. Certain courses do have an entrance criterion & is indicated on the specific course information sheets or in the quote, it is the person who is making the bookings responsibility to ensure that they or their group meets these criteria. FMR cannot be held responsible should the delegates fail the course as a result of not meeting the criteria.
The assessment criteria differ depending on the course being taken; this will be provided and explained to the delegate/s at the start of the course or you are welcome to contact our offices for the criteria beforehand. Should the delegate not meet the assessment outcomes, he or she is allowed one rewrite at a date, time and location as agreed upon in the post assessment feedback. There may however be additional travel and accommodation costs, where applicable.


All online training is conducted using Microsoft Teams, learners will be invited to the sessions as Guests in order to login and participate. No prior downloads or accounts will be necessary. Please note delegates are advised to use the Microsoft Edge Internet browser.
If and should there be any unforeseen problems during the course, FMR cannot be held responsible this will include visual content failure such as video, sound or technical issues and faults or any expenses incurred such as data, airtime usage, rental or hiring of cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. If any content during the presentation become inaccessible to the participants, relevant links will be provided and distributed to all involved.


For any online training where a delegate is not present or misses a session will be required to “self-study” from the content shared and to complete the assessment in the same time period as discussed and arranged.


Assessments need to be fully completed within one week for First Aid and two days for Basic Fire Fighting, unless otherwise arranged.
Failure to submit in time, might result in additional charges being billed (discretion of FMR).

All content shared to participants will be sufficient for the learner to complete the necessary assessments and to be found competent.
FMR holds the right to withdraw or question any assessment that is submitted that is found not to be valid, authentic, current or reliable.
All work submitted and where applicable will be done by the learner.


As a local training provider/business we humbly rely on our regular & new clients. For many years FMR has not charged any cancellation fees, however due to increasing running costs & the economy, we have no other choice. A cancellation fee of R150 per delegate will be
charged if & should the client/learner cancel within 2 days from the start of the course or if the learner does not arrive for the course.
FMR has the right to shorten the duration of a course or postpone a course if there are less than 5 learners registered to attend.


Lunches are not supplied, only tea & coffee is provided, delegates are responsible for their own meals.
Clients to arrange refreshments/lunch at own cost if training is conducted.


For any out of town training, we may request a 50% or full payment of the quote/invoice depending on the distance and number of delegates attending.


Certificates issued upon:
• A candidate being found Competent;
• Full payment;
• Submission of all documentation.

After assessments are conducted, assessments will be internally assessed and moderated. This can take up to five (5) working days, once completed the delegate/s or company will be notified electronically.

NOTE: Certificates will only be processed and released once full payment has been received, unless otherwise arranged.


The Learner – To complete and submit all required evidence on or by the assessment date.
The Assessor – To assess evidence submitted and provide learner with feedback.
The Moderator – To quality assure the assessment process. Assessment results are subject to change pending moderation.
Learner understands their rights, appeal process & reassessment policies.
Learner has the right to appeal against any judgment given as a result of any assessment.

Learner must have valid reasons for submitting an appeal, and additional expenses incurred will be for the learners account.
Learner has the right to an interpreter, however, if one of the learning assumptions for the standard is that you are competent within the language of assessment, you may not have an interpreter.

If you do not agree with the assessment result/s the learner has the right to have the assessment internally moderated. If learner still does not agree with the result of the assessment learner can ask that the ETQA perform an external moderation. If any verification upholds the assessment findings learner will be held liable for all costs of the verifications. If any verification rules that you have been aggrieved as a result of the assessment, your assessor will be liable for all costs of verification.

Learner to communicate any special or particular needs that may affect their performance during the assessment to the assessor before the date of assessment date.

Learner is aware that all evidence has to be:
– Valid (Evidence provided will speak to the unit standard)
– Authentic (all Evidence submitted will be my own work, I will indicate where this is not the case. If it found that I am guilty of plagiarism, I will have to apply to be assessed again and pay the bearing associated assessment costs)
– Reliable (evidence is from a reliable source)
– Current (evidence cannot be older than 1 year.)
– Sufficient (prove consistent competence – not a “once-off” occurrence)

The assessor will evaluate the evidence submitted in the Portfolio against the unit standards specific outcomes with the associated assessment criteria, essential embedded knowledge and CCFO’s that is outlined in the unit standards related to the skills programme in the qualification.

The assessor will provide feedback no later than one (1) month after the date of assessment. Assessment results are communicated verbally or via email and is considered confidential.
The Assessor can be contacted to clarify feedback received.
The Assessor identifies evidence requirements that the learner has not met:
One opportunity for re-assessment is included in the assessment price.
Should the assessment result remain unchanged upon re-assessment, the action plan will be discussed.

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